Thursday, August 28, 2014

Don't even bother...Weight Loss Surgery is "an unwaiverable medical procedure"

I regret to inform everyone that you cannot join the military if you have had weight loss surgery.

I asked an Army and a Navy recruiter about it and they both told me straight out "NO!"  I found an Air Force Recruiter who was willing to take on my case and took me through the entire application process. I filled out all the documents, sent in all the required paper work, college transcripts, recommendation letters, CV,  questionnaires, essay and medical records regarding the weight loss surgery.  Everything was ok except that the MEPS did not approve me for medical because of the weight loss surgery.  So my recruiter sent my medical records to the surgeon general to request a waiver and their response was the was not approved because weight loss surgery is an "unwaiverable medical procedure."

I feel like my dreams have been shot to pieces. I hope some day the military realizes that most of us are in tip top shape since having this procedure done.  I know I am. I've never felt better, looked better, and been in better physical shape in my life since I had WLS.  I'm in better shape now than I was when I was in the Army.

They lost out on having a true patriot serve their country AGAIN.

If anyone else has tried and got in please tell me your secret.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Found this on

Im sure this is how many of us feel.

Resectional gastric bypass outcomes in active duty soldiers: a retrospective review.

Surgery For Enlistment? Army Recruiters Weigh In | Gastric Surgeon

Surgery For Enlistment? Army Recruiters Weigh In | Gastric Surgeon

If you have answers to these questions please share

Who can we voice our concerns to with regards to changing the requirements to allow people who have had WLS to join the military? If there is a petition going around out there where is it? I would like to sign it.  Is there some research study on the effects of WLS on military performance?  If there is I'm willing to be a test subject so we can prove to them that we can do the same things that non WLS candidates can do.  If no research has been done who can I talk to about initiating one?     

I'm not a professional on military requirements, so if there is anyone out there who knows anyone who was accepted after WLS please share.

How is your health since WLS?

Now, I know that there are many people out there who have achieved great weight loss success since having WLS.  Many of whom are as healthy as a horse now because of it with regards to not only achieving ultimate weight loss but improvements in comorbidities they had prior to surgery.  I was reading an article on a military website and in it they said that they do not allow people who have had bariatric surgery to join because of our medical demands after surgery.  Oh please...yeah I have to be on calcium and vitamins for the rest of my life but those are things people who haven't had surgery should take for the rest of their lives also.  After WLS some people are healthier than people currently serving in the  military.